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Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is one of the humanistic therapeutic modalities. That means that it is a fully client-oriented approach. We, as gestalt therapists, don’t just focus on a life story, belief system or behavior patterns; we are all interested in humans as a whole. We pay attention to emotions, body sensations, imagination, and intuition. We believe in 2 on 2 meetings, it’s not only words that are speaking. Sometimes there’s much more to discover in the way a client is describing his or her situation. Often, micro facial expressions, breathing rhythms, and energy levels can tell us far more than any verbal description.


Kiedy terapia

In this trend, less importance is attached to diagnoses and therapeutic plans, as each person is an individual. Therefore, it is very characteristic for Gestalt therapy to focus on the here and now because change is possible right now. As a result, Gestalt therapists devote less time to learning about the Client's history, and rather check how situations that bother him in everyday life are visible in the relationship between the Client and the therapist in the office, here and now, during the session. Dialogue is what stands out in this approach is dialogue. Gestalt therapists not only ask the Client about current thoughts, emotions, experiences, but also share how that what the Client says affects them. Such feedback often turns out to be very helpful for the Clients, it also helps to build a relationship that you can rely on to deal better with everyday life.

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