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When therapy?

You can look for a psychotherapist when life becomes too challenging and you suddenly have too much to cope with.

Therapy is a great place to really get to know you, your personal needs, your individual resources. Long term therapy helps to find out which of your natural behavioral patterns are stopping you from experiencing satisfaction in life.

The idea of therapy is to bring about positive change. We do it through raising your awareness of why you are - where you are now. In order to prevent you from repeating the same mistakes, we develop new ways of acting, so that you can be in your life where YOU want to be.

So, if self-development books are not helping you anymore, or you are tired of listening to friends or YouTube experts giving out advice, try out psychotherapy – see what kind of support I can offer you.

Each process starts with a consultation session where you can tell me what is bothering you. Then, we will check if and how therapy can help you.

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