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When coaching?

As a coach, I help you to mobilize your energy to do things you were postponing or procrastinating over.

You can reach out to me when you need to move forward, change or start acting. If your fears and self-doubts are stopping you, coaching can be really helpful.

Sometimes we long for something. It might seem too big to get it all at once. We tend to wait and wait and wait. We wish … but it requires intentional action to fulfill. If you know what I mean, then meet me. Check! It might be “just the right” moment to take advantage of professional coaching.

Someone external, acting as a coach, is neutral. Therefore, a coach can find out when your inner saboteur is messing with you. Coaching might be that something you were missing in order to get you what you wanted or needed.

Each coaching process starts with a consultation session where you can explain what you are aiming for and we can check if and how coaching can be useful for you. At the same time, it is important that you and your coach have a good connection with each other. Therefore, the first session is an opportunity to see how my coaching style would work for you.

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